Rod Blagojevich just had an awesome press conference announcing his selection of Roland Burris to the US Senate. Now no one knows what will happen.

"Don't allow allegations against me to taint this good and honest man," Blago said, which is hilarious and kind of apt, because everyone seems to like Burris, but no one is willing to seat Burris, in Chicago or Washington, and Burris gave some gracious remarks (he promises he didn't pay for the seat!), and then BOBBY RUSH hopped on stage, for no reason. Bobby Rush pointed out that the Senate needs an African-American in Obama's Senate seat, so if you don't seat Burris, you are racist.

Bobby Rush is kind of awesome.

CNN IS THE WORST watch: they ditched "the crawl," and instead the bottom of the screen had Rick Sanchez's TWITTERS. "Never heard of this guy, but his resume looks good," Rick says. Jesus Christ. "In fact let's bring in a MySpace comment," Rick said. OMG DIE.

Anyway Illinois Constitutional Crisis Time!

This was the weirdest playing of the race card ever, with Bobby Rush being quite correct that there should be more black representation in the Senate, but as a naked attempt to just fuck over the Democrats who aren't standing by him, Blago's shamelessness is breathtaking. Hah he doesn't give a shit if Burriss gets seated, he wins either way. Or doesn't win, or something. His plot doesn't make sense in your traditional world of "logic" and "legality."

Anyways Blago says "don't lynch" Burris (awkward) and Burris gave Blago lots of campaign money and then his consulting firm or whatever got some state contracts or something (who knows) a couple years back but he seems like a nice man and frankly we are so in awe of Blago's balls here that we say just seat him, fuck Harry Reid.

Update: More videos!
Here is Blago oddly addressing his special situation: "I've enjoyed the limelight I've had over the last couple weeks," but today is Roland Burris's day. He has enjoyed this, hasn't he. Everyone in America had to learn to spell and pronounce his name!

Here is the bit about lynching.