Hahahaha criminal Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has exercised his right to make an appointment to the US Senate.

Former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris will be our new Senator from Illinois, filling out the remainder of Barack Obama's term. Burris was the first black man ever elected to statewide office in Illinois! He's lost races for Senator, Mayor of Chicago, and governor during his long and distinguished political career, despite being a well-respected civic leader, and one imagines that this appointment may not work out so well for him either.

Blagojevich, you see, is currently under investigation by the feds for being terribly corrupt, and the Illinois legislature was just recently looking at either impeachment or at least stripping Blago of his right to appoint an interim Senator (which may not be kosher according to the Illinois constitutional?). Meanwhile, Burris "stepped up his efforts to win the governor's support" after Blago was arrested.

Harry Reid says the Senate won't seat anyone picked by Blago and Blago's criminal lawyer said his client would support a special election, but hey, there will be a hilarious press conference today at 2 Central time annouincing this miracle pick. What a wonderful fuck you from Rod Blagojevich, America's Best Governor, picking this qualified and respected old man, just to see if everyone follows through on their threats.