Herman Rosenblat's whimsical concentration camp apple-tossing love story has been exposed as a lie—now, not only is the book cancelled and movie "rewritten" as fiction, but the already-published children's book is being pulled from shelves.

According to Publisher's Weekly, the kid book author Laurie Friedman had interviewed the Rosenblats after reading their fake, fake story and the result was Angel Girl, which was published this past September. Like Oprah, she's now feeling lied to:

Now that she knows the truth, Friedman added, “I, like many others, am disappointed and upset to now learn of Herman’s fabrications.” Adam Lerner, president and publisher of Lerner Publishing Group, said, “We have been misled by the Rosenblats, who gave us and our author what we believed to be an authentic and moving account of their lives.”

Here's the real lesson for the kiddies: sometimes old people—even nice ones that look like your grandparents and have even truly been through the Holocaust—sometimes, even they lie. Also: there's no Santa.

[via The New Republic]