New York magazine profiled seven city residents who lost their jobs in the economic meltdown. The most heartbreaking? That would be Marc Thomas, 44, failed dramatist.

Thomas tried to break into theater for two decades, and has only deep emotional scars to show for it. Now he can't even hold down a personal assistant job.

I moved here in 1988 in pursuit of my dream to become part of the New York theater community—being laid off made me realize that two decades have passed and I've moved no closer to that goal...
I... watch a lot of TV... there's Stylista—it's like The Devil Wears Prada in TV format. I teared up during that movie. I totally identified with Anne Hathaway.... I like Ugly Betty, because I feel like I’ve been Ugly Betty so many times in my life.

Oh, man.

It's terrifying because it's relatable.