Here is a wonderful sentence drunk crank Christopher Hitchens wrote about huckster pop-pastor Rick Warren:

"It seems to have been agreed by every single media outlet that only one group has the right to challenge Obama's promotion of 'Pastor' Rick Warren, and that group is the constituency of politically organized homosexuals."

That is but the first sentence, of many, in Hitch's fun new column about Warren, which is headlined "Fuck You and Your Fucking Joke of a God, Jesus-Dick." Ha, no, that is not the headline, because the editors of Slate only indulge Hitch so much (too much). Anyway, yes, all we media outlets got together a while back and decided that only "politically organized homosexuals" would be put off by this Warren character. We totally forgot drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjays!

Hitch, a politically unorganized heterosexual, dislikes Warren because of Syria.

And a shame, too, that on Inauguration Day we may also have to stand still—out of respect rather than fear, it is true—and listen to a man who is either a half-witted dupe, a hopeless naif, a cynical tourist who does favors for the powerful, a religious nut bag, a cowardly liar, or perhaps some unappetizing combination of all five. I personally think that the all-five answer is the correct one, because you cannot just find yourself in Syria, smirking into the face of the local despot and being treated like a treasured guest.

Then in the last paragraph he really goes off on Warren. Also there's another odd swipe at the gays, for being so selfish, what with hogging all the Warren-hating, and not caring about Syria.

(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)