Chip Saltsman just naturally assumed handing out a minstrel song called "Barack the Magic Negro" would quickly win him enough Republican friends to become party chairman. So why is everyone so upset??

Saltsman is a big loser just like his old boss, Mike "Failuretown" Huckabee, who once made a Barack Obama joke so distasteful it couldn't get a laugh at an NRA convention.

Saltsman has likewise completely overshot with his demagoguery, alienating a group of Republican party leaders by handing out, as part of his campaign for chairman, a CD by political satirist Paul Shankman, which includes the "Magic Negro" song.

Shankman, who is white, sings in an imitation of Al Sharpton, who in the song puts down Obama as an inauthentic sell out. The tune is supposed to be a parody, or something, of this LA Times op-ed, in which Obama is descirbed as a fantasy figure for whites, who vote for him out of guilt. Here is the stupid thing, via Wonkette:

The song is, at best, an awkward, unfunny example of political blackface, embraced by bigots who could care less about parody or academic op-eds in the LA Times.

The song already stirred up controversy months ago, when Rush Limbaugh played it over and over.

Why would someone put the tune in the vanguard of his campaign for chairman of the Republican National Committee, guaranteeing a pointless intra-party war over race? It makes no sense. Unless that person is the political wizard behind Huckabee '08. Chip Saltsman clearly intends to squander all hope of victory as quickly as possible before persisting in a pointless, grinding campaign that gets him nowhere.