Even an impassioned, overwritten monologue from Sally Field may not be enough to save Balthazar Getty if the rumors are true: the straying, Sienna Miller-smooching actor has been fired from Brothers & Sisters.

The allegation comes courtesy of Crazy Days and Nights, the blog that first broke the scoop that T.R. Knight would be exiting Grey's Anatomy (the rumor also appears to mesh with the recent blind item from EW's Michael Ausiello about a fired actor who hadn't yet been given the news). Here's CDaN's take on the matter:

I don't know the reason. I don't know if it is because of Sienna or because he was sleeping with someone else on the show or if he just wandered the set looking for twinkies all day and not working. All I do know is his publicist says Balthazar has not been fired, and I of course say his happy ass was canned just in time for the holidays. Balthazar was let go. Dismissed. Given a pink slip. Shown the door. Do you know how hard it is to get fired from a job like this. He must have done something completely f**ked up like snorting mercury or something with Piven in the back room while they looked at porn videos of the daughter of the producers.

Yes, yes, it could be that, or it could be the fact he very visibly stepped out on his family with Miller, the ex-girlfriend of his Brothers & Sisters costar Matthew Rhys. We'd like to advance a dark-horse theory, though: why was Getty's entirely superfluous character even on this show anyway? As the soapy series continues to introduce new secret sisters, secret brothers, secret thought-they-were-sisters, and inevitably, secret Sally Field evil twins, is the stolid, storyline-killing Getty worth his tabloid taint?

[Photo Credit: AP]