It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without fighting: Alec Baldwin supposedly slammed Tina Fey's body; Paris Hilton's uncle got attacked and robbed in his home and Nicole Kidman was haunted by Katie Holmes.

  • Tina Fey's sexy new feud with Alec Baldwin just had to be manufactured to promote 30 Rock, right? I mean, really. Alec: "Get ready to do a lot of airbrushing." Tina: "Something wrong with my face?" Alec: It's your entire body that's the problem. Tina: This is coming from a guy with a double chin who thinks Sarah Palin is hot. [Star]
  • Meet the four sisters who helped lure people into Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme (via their dad's investment firm). They shared the same "handsome stud in college," married men in different corners of the world and in "each locale, they were soon infiltrating country clubs and helping spread the word for Noel [Walter]'s Fairfield Greenwich Group." [P6]
  • Kanye West offered to design clothes for Barack Obama to "go to the club in." [Sun]
  • Box office for Jeremy Piven's play is down 33 percent with the "mercury" poisoned actor gone. William H. Macy doesn't replace him until January 11. [Post]
  • The picture is telling me Katie Holmes just bought seven pairs of jeans, but apparently it was Nicole Kidman? WHY MUST KATIE STILL HAUNT NICOLE EVERYWHERE CONSTANTLY? [P6]
  • Now Paris Hilton's uncle has been robbed, also for more than a million dollars in valuables. [Daily Star]
  • Marisa Tomei's boyfriend is 12 years younger and was an actor on The O.C. They met performing in a play. [P6]