The happy side of being CNN weatherman Rob Marciano? You get women (and men!) hotter than a low-pressure tropical system. The sad part? A drunken night has a very public hangover.

Marciano's friend told The Dirty he was just trying to get his friend some "action" during what became a "drunk night." He asked the website to remove pictures of Marciano with some lady friends, saying that if they stayed up, Marciano could be fired.

We're not sure why that would be. Are weathermen supposed to be chaste? Never go out, never flirt? A while back Marciano was rumored married; that's almost certainly not the case anymore, given that he happily allowed himself to be photographed in bed with three young women.

We can't think of any reason Marciano's CNN betters like Anderson Cooper would be too upset by the pictures. Well, not any actionable reasons.

Besides, wasn't Marciano's melodramatic (if steamy) photo spread for VMan far more embarrassing than this?


Marciano is actually better dressed in his pictures with the hoochies than he often is on the air! Dig the t-shirts along with Cooper: