New Williamsburg It girl, the Nylon-'working' 19-year-old Brit tabloid smash (and washed-up rockstar daughter!) that is Peaches Geldof, has so pulled the second-oldest trick in the book:

Marrying a dude to get a green card! (The first-oldest trick is getting pregnant so he'll marry you.) Sure, it was cute when the teen impulsively wedded Max Drummey in Vegas last August, but one might think—what other problems do people with impulse-control issues have? Besides coke?

Anyway, an ill-thought-out apartment photoshoot (see: Impulse control, problems with) featuring her narrow-looking pad and her two roommates—her Harvard-educated rocker husband not one of them—was quickly pulled. Probably because her management was all SMSing her "um WTF were you thinking."

And now the Brit tabloids are reporting she'll spend the holidays in Britain with her dad, Bob, instead of her new family unit. "It's only for four days," she told The Sun. Funny how quickly four days apart can become years.