Hillary Clinton "loaned herself" $13 million last January, when she was losing to Barack Obama in the primaries, and now she has written that loan off, so the 2008 primaries are finally over.

Turns out everyone won! Except Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich. And the Republicans. Anyways Hillary never actually expected to get that $13.2 million back, and it's not tax-deductible, but she has to shut down her presidential-election committee in order to be the secretary of state. Everyone is still getting letters from Joe Biden and Hillary's mom begging for money, though, because Hillary still owes an amazing and offensive $5.4 million to Mark Penn. Mark Penn! No one should owe Mark Penn $5.4 million. Mark Penn owes all of us, in America, for what he has done. He should invent a microdemographic group called "losers" that just consists of himself, Mark Penn. If he wanted his massive fee he should've tried not being wrong about everything.

Barack Obama has $30 million extra dollar left over but if he gives it to Hillary to pay Mark Penn instead of almost anything else, including spending all of it, illegally, on drugs and hookers, we will go vote for Vladimir Putin in that poll.