Tom Cruise will invite you into his home if you do something nice for him; Paris Hilton knows who snuck into her home without permission; and Jennifer Lopez got nervous whenever Mark Anthony left home.

  • Tom Cruise will let you watch "Valkyrie" at his house if you first proclaim your love for the movie in the media. Unfortunately, this offer appeals only to people who haven't read reviews of "Valkyrie," or know anyone who's seen it. [Scoop]
  • Paris Hilton isn't saying who, but she thinks she knows who stole $2 million of her jewels and so forth. But other Hollywood types think a serial stealth burglar is on the loose.
  • Shia LaBeouf is ashamed of his DUI hand injury, which was more severe than previously thought and only finally fixed two weeks ago. Ben Stiller is ashamed of breaking his hand snowboarding, so he had secret surgery at Mt. Sinai Sunday. [Gatecrasher]
  • Jennifer Lopez used to send an assistant on tour with now-estranged husband Mark Anthony to make sure he wasn't cheating on her. [P6]
  • Michael Jackson denied that he's dying of a terrible lung disease, then coughed. [People]
  • Creepy billiionaire Jeffrey Epstein is out of jail five days a week and his former teen prostitutes are understandably revolted at the thought of running into him. [P6]
  • Apparently some married couples will go on double dates with a cheating husband and his mistress. Because it could help one of them come up with another gem like "Legally Blonde." [P6]