'Tis the season of empty gestures! Inaugural pastor Rick Warren rewrote his website so it no longer says gays are poison to his congregation. In fact a whole long lecture about gays was deleted.

Here's the old content, via AmericaBlog, via Dave Winer, where Warren explains why gays can't join his church:

This was from a website section called "Small Group Questions About Saddleback Church." The above is part of an answer to the question "What does the Bible say about homosexuality?" Also part of the answer, in the original, was a description of homosexuality as "an enormous sin" and a comparison of being gay to being alcoholic.

Another question encouraged people to tithe to the church even while paying off credit card debts. 10 percent! "The Bible is very clear about believers giving the first 10 percent to the Lord."

Now that Warren has become an embarrassment to the president-elect, everything, the whole stupid section, is gone. Trying to visit the page will either get you a database error or redirected here. Because Warren now realizes his gay-bashing is a manifestation of the vile sin of bigotry and intolerance.

Ha ha, just kidding, he's temporarily shunning his true beliefs to be on television in front of the whole world and gain popularity, sort of like an instrument of the devil, or maybe in this case it's God, or just Rahm Emanuel dressed as an angry, demanding, freak-fingered demon, haunting his bedroom.