According to Obama's office's report on Rahm Emanuel and his BFF ROD BLAGJEVICH, Rahm did nothing wrong, so leave him alone.

Rahm called Rod directly once, out of courtesy, and they talked a bit about Rahm's now-vacant seat, and maybe Obama's vacant seat came up, briefly. Case closed! Oh but also there were those calls to Rod's coconspirator John Harris.

The sources add that the report will show Emanuel also had four phone calls with Blagojevich Chief of Staff John Harris. During those conversations, the Senate seat was discussed. The pros and cons of various candidates were reviewed, and the sources say that Emanuel repeatedly reminded Harris that Blagojevich should focus on the message the pick would send about the governor and his administration.

Sources also confirm that Emanuel made the case for picking Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett during at least one of the conversations. In the course of that conversation, Harris asked if in return for picking Jarrett, "all we get is appreciation, right?" "Right," Emanuel responded.

This "appreciation-for-play" scandal will surely sink the Obama administration.

The report will come out this week, maybe, it Pat Fitzgerald says it's ok, and then no one will continue repeatedly claiming despite all available evidence that this scandal is really damaging to Obama anymore, and then Obama will ask Rod Blagojevich to deliver the invocation at his inauguration.