The media screwed up many, many times in 2008. As in other years! The ten finest episodes, listed for you below. Merry Christmas, from the media:

10. Sarah Palin Reads Everything—this one is really one of the media's finest moments (by Katie Couric, who knew?), and Sarah Palin is the one fucking up. But it's about the media, so fuck it. Your almost-VP, ladies and gentlemen.

9. Anderson Cooper Fucks Up the Invisibility Thing—Remember that ridiculous "hologram" technology CNN rolled out on election night, as if they had extra money to throw around? The next day they tried to follow up with an invisibility technology, but Anderson "Equinox" C. fucked it all up. Ah well.

8. MSNBC Reporter Calls Spike Lee 'Uppity'—Hey that's RACIST.

LA Times' Fake Tupac Scoop—Lesson: don't use serial con men as sources for front-page investigations.

Jackass Reporter Mocked by iPhone Nerd—Comeuppance.

5. Jane Fonda Says Vagina Word—A celebrity saying "cunt" live on the Today show is mildly amusing. The fact that this video got more than half a million hits is just one more example of the difference between what people say they want and what they really want, and the reason we can't have nice, intellectual things.

4. Peggy Noonan Is Accidentally Honest—Peggy Noonan ironically exposes herself as even more morally bankrupt by lapsing out of character to tell the truth.

Michelle Obama "Baby Mama"—Surprising this one could happen on a network like Fox.

Martin Bashir's Babe-a-licious Speech—A gala speech at the Association of Asian-American Journalists: Not the best time to talk about how you'd like to bone your colleague.

1. Sue Simmons Says Bad Word—Well this one is pretty classic by now. Just what bad word did she say? We'll tell you: it's 'fuck.' You'll probably watch the clip even though you know that.

Richard Blakeley's Video Compilations of All-Time Stupid Reporter Tricks—Those are worth watching.