After teasing America's sapphic set with power lesbian proximity and a hint-filled SNL sketch, Ellen Page doused their rubyfruit dreams by canceling her upcoming lesbian werewolf flick. Now, word comes of a same-sex replacement!

Good as You has the scoop:

On last night's episode of the fantastic "Gay USA," Cynthia Wade, the Oscar-winning director of the Freeheld documentary, said that Juno star Ellen Page is attached to star in a feature film adaption of the Laurel Hester story (playing Stacie, Laurel's partner).

A hopeful prospect for this sad but ultimately hopeful story. It has the potential to be the sort of powerful cinema that the lesbian community has long hoped for, and the human community as a whole needs to see more of. Not to mention, it would be quite the coup for those whose "Is Ellen Page a lesbian?" rumor mill has lost its grist!

Indeed — thanks for doing us a solid, Ellen! The story in question concerns the heartbreaking struggle that faced New Jersey police officer Laurel Hester, who, upon discovering that she would soon die from quickly spreading lung cancer, battled Republican county freeholders to pass on pension benefits to her partner, Stacie. Sad stuff, but at least we can console ourselves with thought of Page's upcoming buzz cut (in order to pull off the lesbian look currently classified as "off-hours Maddow").