Media Matters offers an admirably comprehensive look at Fox News dog-man Sean Hannity's most wet-brained (but creative!) Obama smears of the entire campaign. Here are the five cleverest, RadicalTerroristBlackPowerCriminal:

1. The Flag Pin Issue

Obama did not wear a colorful flag pin, because he supported the terrorists. Hannity:

"[W]hy do we wear pins? Because our country was under attack." He continued: "And to politicize once again the war to this extent. Well, who cares about the war? Are you proud of your country?"

For a big ole gallery of Sean Hannity not wearing a flag pin, click here.

2. He Said Something About Defense Spending!

Obama said of the defense budget, "I will cut tens of billions of dollars in wasteful spending." Hannity:

Obama "talked about in the campaign cutting tens of millions of dollars in defense spending."

Whatever that guy said.

3. Michelle Obama Is Racist

Michelle Obama wrote in her senior thesis at Princeton that "[i]t is possible that Black individuals either chose to or felt pressure to come together with other Blacks on campus because of the belief that Blacks must join in solidarity to combat a White oppressor." Hannity knew this proves she is RADICAL, and added:

"Do the Obamas have a race problem of their own?"

4. Obama Hates The Troops, Particularly The Wounded Ones.

McCain released an attack ad saying Obama refused to visit wounded troops. The press debunked it. Hannity:

Obama "abandon[ed] the troop visit because the cameras weren't around — allowed and the campaign wasn't allowed,"

Sean Hannity is a wounded veteran. Wait, no; what I mean to say is, Sean Hannity is a former Hunstville, Alabama radio talk show host.

5. Criminals Know The Name 'Obama'

Hannity on the ROD BLAGOJEVICH corruption case wiretap transcripts:

"The pres — the word 'president-elect' is mentioned 44 times in the document. Pretty troubling."

The term "Sean Hannity" is mentioned 42 times on Gawker. Pretty troubling.

[Media Matters]