Friend of the commoner Tom Wolfe is all white on the outside. But don't judge. The Observer caught up with the fancy author and had him explain what the rappers are talking about (SEX):

"Mr. Wolfe admitted that he's not truly a fan of Hip Hop, but he finds its universe fascinating.

'I know that it celebrates that same leisure class at the bottom, that’s what the whole thing is about. You know like, 'Kill cops!' and 'What are women good for?' One thing! It’s all part of the pose,' said Mr. Wolfe. 'But I’ve noticed we’ve backed away a little bit in the last several years from killing cops and making girls lean over and all that.'"

Only missionary position for the rappers these days! When you reminisce on how Tommy absolutely nailed the college kid slang in "I Am Charlotte Simmons," (Example: "Yo, Hoyt! 'Sup?...I saw you upstairs there hittin' on that little tigbiddy! Tell the truth! You really, honestly, think she's hot?") you can only hope that his next novel is all about hip hop. [NYO; pic via]