Breaking: The student revolutionaries currently occupying the New School's Faculty building have triumphed over the Fascist security guards, winning a meaningless victory! And they have issued a "Communique" from inside the occupied territory:

At 9:45, the activist blogger-in-chief reported that "The Administration has capitulated to our demands. The Police have backed off and Seurity has begin to let people back into the building." They've followed up with this, laying out their reasonable demands:

Open Letter/Communique
From within the occupied New School in Exile, 65 5th Avenue, New York City:

We have been in occupation of the Graduate Faculty building of the New School University since 8pm Wednesday the 17th of December. More than 100 of us have taken over a student building, including our only library, which the administration has marked for demolition without creating any equivalent new space on campus. We have opened the building as a student-run autonomous space, in protest against the administration of President Bob Kerrey who recently received a vote of no confidence from the majority of faculty in this school. Details of our multiple grievances against Kerrey, his vice-President Jim Murtha, and treasurer of the board of trustees Robert Millard are laid out in our first communiqué. This morning we have an update on our situation. At around noon today New School security moved to block our access to the fire exits, preventing us from allowing in our fellow students of the Inter-University Consortium to whom they had refused access to the building in a violation of the Consortium agreement. When they failed to remove us, the NYPD were sent in to violently evict us from the fire exit and one of our fellow students was arrested. The police entered the building at the same time as President Kerrey arrived and offered to speak with us, we responded by refusing to negotiate with him and repeating our demand that he immediately resign. He left and took his police with him. At the moment our security has returned and our numbers have doubled, but we expect future incursions on our space and encourage all who support us to come to the Graduate Building at 65 5th Avenue and 14th street.

The New School in Exile

Damn Kerrey and bourgeoisie "negotiations"! I trust you are all rushing to join them in their just and lawful occupation. Please send videos, slouches. [New School In Exile, Previously]