Throughout the morning we've been receiving URGENT REPORTS of DIRECT ACTION by STUDENT ACTIVISTS at fancy NYC college New School. They've taken over a building! POLICE CLASHES and EXCESSIVE FORCE! Join the struggle:

Well apparently this is the second day of the OCCUPATION of the New School by students who are mad about the school's president, Bob Kerrey, who everybody (except Bob Kerrey!) wants to step down. But just this morning the cops came in and now it's madness! Let's track some of the BREAKING NEWS ALERTS from this blog, ON THE INSIDE:

8:02 a.m.

We are still standing strong, but Security has started to take some extreme action.

In front of NY Times and Democracy Now reporters a large security guard has assaulted one of our memebers. She is shaken up with no major injuries and the ruckus is continuing!!!!!

8:04 a.m.

Tension is high!!!!
Security has begun to reach beyond their mandate of protecting and have harmed one of our comrades!

And the Photojournalist from the New York Times who has stayed with us all night and all day had her camera grabbed ad thrown to the ground!

8:56 a.m.

We Must Hold
Mr. Kerrey has retreated into the Swayduck and now the NYPD has begun to indiscriminately grab people and drag them out of the university. They have been using unnecessary force!

And from there, communication dramatically CUTS OFF. What is your status, over? Is Mr. Kerry still IN THE SWAYDUCK? Student activists, please send messages here, including, please, some video of this "unnecessary force." We're interested in what that term means to New School kids.