No reporters left to cover your city, no reporters left to cover your state, and no reporters left to cover Washington, DC. It's the new journalism.

Just to drive this well-repeated point home, the Times—which still has a nice fat DC bureau, thank you very much—takes a look at all the various newspaper bureaus that shut down and reporter jobs that no longer exist in our nation's capitol. It's easier to tell you who hasn't slashed their DC staff: NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg, Politico. That's about it!

Here's what it means: Your local congressman is getting away with murder. If he's not one of the dozen nationally famous ones, he is, right this very minute, driving drunk the wrong way down K Street, getting a blow job from a lobbyist in the front seat while accepting bribes from a lobbyist in the back seat and writing legislation legalizing strip mining underneath your house with the hand that should be holding the steering wheel.

But there are no reporters around to see. Sad. [NYT]