Oh, hey you guys, anyone know of a good apartment for Frances Cobain? She's thinking downtown, a room for her mom, maybe an office. No more than $7 million, though. Eight, tops.

Sure, she's only 16, but that's what brokers are for! Also, officially, and for legal purposes, she's buying it for her mom Courtney Love. But mom won't be coming on the tours, for obvious reasons.

Right now she's thinking of "Penthouse 2," at this place, in SoHo. Nicely located for fashion internships (media's been done). Room for the caretaker. But Marc Jacobs is looking, too. Maybe time to send mom over for a nice chat!

So nice to see that young people can still afford to buy homes, despite, all the soured investments and financial swindlers that have emerged in recent months. We give all the credit to the fact that it's a buyer's market.