Our video guru Richard Blakeley and intern Josh Rachford have sifted through all the videos that have popped up on Gawker's radar in 2008 and picked the ten very best.

There are all of our 2008 friends! New York news anchor Sue Simmons saying 'fuck'! Our president-to-be Barack Obama schooling 60 Minutes! Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons "ha ha"ing in the sad face of the dying newspaper industry! Our favorite, though, for its pure nutty bliss (who doesn't need that these days?), is the number one choice. Oh that laugh. That wonderful laugh. Enjoy!

10. Jim Cramer Begs America to Abandon Hope
9. Little Girl Runs Away from President Bush
8. Barack Obama: I'm Not Stupid
7. WNBC Anchor: What the Fuck Are You Doing?
6. The Death of Print, On The Simpsons
5. Stupid Australian Hipster
4. Crazy Tom Cruise
3. Sarah Palin Gets Tackled
2. Bill O'Reilly's Scary Meltdown
1. Pretty Much Everywhere, It's Gonna Be Hot