Maybe our ire at Brooklyn's new Brit-It Girl, sybarite Peaches Geldof, is misdirected. After all, anyone's allowed to move to Brooklyn. If they happen to have a nice apartment, then so be it.

Well, maybe it's because the 19-year-old cokey rock-star child writes that the best part of living in Brooklyn is "the Spanish gangsters at the bagel shop who hit on me." She lives with two roommates—somebody calling themselves "Bunny," as well as "Lily," who is a Teen Vogue intern. Not sharing the apartment: her husband, musician Max.

Speaking of decorative objects, we're totally not buying the idea that they've actually read the books on the bookshelf: Isaac Asimov, Thomas Pynchon, Jungian Symbolism in Astrology, Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life, and The Da Vinci Code. Actually, we do believe those last three.

[The Selby]