Former newspaper mogul and current jailed columnist Conrad Black says that Michael Wolff's book about Rupert Murdoch was all wrong, and furthermore, that Conrad Black is a heroic innocent man:

In style and organization, this is an irritating book...If sentences containing "iconic," transformative," "ridiculous," "being and nothingness," "fragile construct," and suspenseful endings ("well...") were omitted, the book would be at least twenty pages shorter.

Rather witty, Baron Black of Crossharbour! We must admit this imprisoned, fraudulent plutocrat has a certain way with the cutting word. He's also extremely creative about self-descriptions that avoid the fact that he is locked up, currently, in jail, for the next six years:

He has been engaged in a dispute with the US Justice Department and the SEC over the governance of his former companies for several years—civil and appellate litigation continue.

[The Daily Beast]