Yahoo had set plans for a holiday party in L.A. right after Wednesday's mass layoffs — and it invited the victims. But just in case any were armed, Jerry Yang's guards set up metal detectors.

No one seems to think the right employees were let go at the bloated Internet giant. The more we learn about Yahoo's layoffs, the more we can understand why Yang's security detail feared trouble. Read one Yahoo's account of how the company showered bonuses and praise on what managers said were its best employees — and then put them out on the streets a few month later:

You wanted more baffling stories on Yahoo's lay off? Well, I am one of the laid off employees. I have been with them ever since they acquired my company (Overture), which was over 7 years now.

Here are some good and laughable bits of information:

1. They honored some of us back at the end of September with the Yahoo Superstar award. The cash price for this award is quite big, and the party up in San Francisco was spectacular. Numerous people who received this award (which is given out only to 50 people out of 14,000 employees worldwide) got laid off.

2. After the first lay off in February Yahoo gave out so called "retention bonuses" in April. The bonus was given to those employees who deem so valuable that Yahoo cannot afford to lose them. The bonuses came with a nice letter from Jerry, calling you one of the "most valuable employees" in the company. Some of us "most valuable players" were laid off last week.

3. Yahoo said they wanted to get "fit" but in reality kept a bunch of non-producing, constantly calling in sick losers. It isn't surprising that the company is going down hill. Yahoo has a history of getting rid of the actual talent, while the ass-kissing, incompetent slackers remain around. Problem is, after most of the truly talented people who actually knew what they were doing got laid off, or quit, it leaves the one with fancy titles and no clue in charge.

4. Also, a funny piece of info: Yahoo gave passes for the Southern California holiday party, which took place last Saturday, to laid off employees. I guess numerous "happy" laid off ex-Yahoos went to the party to give a piece of their mind to Jerry, who oddly enough attended. I thought two comments were pretty hilarious:
1. See you at Microsoft
2. You laid off my husband in February, we just had a baby, I got laid off on Wednesday. Now you at least can put a face with some of the people you put out on the street.

I am actually happy about no longer working there. I already have another job lined up with more pay, better people and no bullshit. Most of us feel relieved that we are no longer there. The company has been run into the ground for the past 2 years. The mood is horrible, people are scared and demoralized. What was once a great work environment and such a fun place to work for is now a morgue. Let's hope that the next severance packages will be as generous as these ones.

There are still a few "good" Yahoos left working there. Some of them are simply too scared with the current economy to go and look for something else, especially if they have children and families. Not all Yahoos consist of execs who make enough money to not give a damn. There are some left who simply need a paycheck to survive. To those guys my heart goes out.