By now, we've seen lots of fly-on-the-wall, non-MTV-sanctioned psychodrama between the Real World Brooklyn kids, who had to do much of their filming in Manhattan due to Brooklyn bars not wanting them around.

But with the sure-to-be-howlingly-awful reality show about to air, it was time for some official whorin' to various media outlets, like Time Out New York. What will their puff-piece say they've planned for New Year's Eve—also known as nightlife's amateur night?

Well, the token not-gay but totally-virgin Mormon, Chet, mumbles something about the Rockettes and adds, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Word. J.D. the gay dolphin trainer continues to deny his Anderson Cooper love affair, adding without irony, "When you work at SeaWorld you meet a lot of celebrities... Being an animal trainer, I’m a public figure, just like he is." (What?)

As for the girls, including the not-genetically-born-as-a-female, LiveJournaling-and-media-hating Katelynn, she spins us with something about "I figured if I could destigmatize the word transgender, if I could normalize it, that’s my goal. It’s an education opportunity." Sure, honey.

Devyn asks, "Do we have stupid stamped on our foreheads?" Yes, but only figuratively. And Baya copped to the bar owners of Red Hook being all "fuck no" when it came to filming there. Good for them.

The scariest part is, some of them loved NYC so much they decided to stay behind permanently.

[Time Out New York]

[Photo: Ben Goldstein for TONY]