Caroline Kennedy, do you seriously want to be a Senator? Don't you know people are going to start asking uncomfortable questions about, say, your marriage?

The Enquirer's already testing the waters. Caroline Kennedy wants to go to DC not just to be a Senator, they say, but maybe also to escape her terrible marriage! Supposedly, Kennedy's been on the outs with her husband Ed Schlossberg for years, in one of those amicable quiet classy rich people sort of separations.

That's all well and good for a scion who keeps to herself, but maybe not so much for a Senator? Now that she's openly seeking political office, reporters will openly seek dirt on her family.

And the ease with which they'll find it may be one reason Rupert Murdoch's New York Post tepidly endorsed Caroline today! Think of the headlines they can get out of another New York Senator named Kennedy!

Of course other explanations for the Post endorsement include a) it is a fine and easy opportunity to piss off the Clintons, b) Caroline Kennedy has demonstrated an ability to charm Murdoch before and b) they're looking forward to taking on Kennedy's relationship with New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

Sulzberger and Kennedy are old, close, maybe special friends. Sulzberger's marriage just ended, btw! And there's some story going around about him already involving some other married woman he's "friends" with: supposedly the husband sent an accusatory email to the woman and Pinch, and the wife replied-all to a number of masthead editors. These are the kinds of stories that will be dragged out now that Caroline Kennedy is seriously being considered for a Senate seat! (See? We just dragged that one out and it's barely related.)

So, Caroline, no. Step back. It's harder to get Rupert to kill that story on your daughter's anorexia when you're a US Senator and not a beloved slightly reclusive icon.