Time's Washington bureau chief Jay Carney became Joe Biden's spokesman yesterday, but he's definitely not a biased liberal, according to Time editor Richard Stengel—an even bigger confirmed media liberal Democrat:

Stengel himself left journalism to go work on the presidential campaign of Bill Bradley—a liberal Democrat!—in 2000. Now he's back at the helm of a down-the-middle news magazine, naturally, because liberals run the media. With those credentials, it's impossible to doubt him when he says that Carney

“doesn’t have any kind of ideology.”

Really, no ideology at all? Was your Washington bureau chief a drooling child? Failure to embrace their own ideology is the single most annoying characteristic of media liberals. Own that shit!

Then again, Carney always had a reputation for being fair on the campaign trail, according to Politico's Michael Calderone, another member of the liberal media conspiracy.