In 1980, a vacationing Rod Blagojevich camped in front of Richard Nixon's home, with a friend, until the pariah ex-president emerged and this picture was taken. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

As Time Out Chicago writes,

In 1980, most twentysomething men probably pined to bump into one of the Beatles or maybe Bo Derek; Blago wanted the autograph of our nation's most notorious politician.


At least the disgraced, bribe-hungry Illinois governor was smart enough not to voluntarily tape his incriminating conversations, as far as anyone knows (unlike Nixon).

Just before he was arrested, Blago told reporters, "Those who feel like they want to sneakily and wear taping devices... I would remind them that it kind of smells like Nixon and Watergate." He was pretending to be outraged but in reality was totally turned on, because of his massive boy crush, on Nixon.

Blago later fell in love with John McCain, because he wanted to be a Maverick Reformer too, and hilariously he turned out to be not much of a reformer at all, just like his imaginary boyfriend!

Blago has truly followed in his heroes' footsteps. Now he just needs to give this speech, in front of a crowd of jeering racists.