Good news! The cop who shoved the guy off his bike in Times Square then arrested the cyclist and filed a false report claiming the cyclist rode into him has been indicted!

It is a felony, to file false records!

It is believed that prosecutors were seeking felony charges of filing false records in connection with the police report that Officer Pogan filed after arresting the bicyclist, Christopher Long. Officer Pogan, who was stripped of his gun and badge in July after the video emerged, also could be charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.

"My client denies any wrongdoing in this matter," Mr. London said in an interview Monday afternoon. "I would have people withhold judgment until all the evidence comes out about the bicyclist's actions prior to my client taking action."

Well, considering that the cop's report said the cyclist ran into him, and the video shows that he didn't into him, it's hard to figure out what sort of evidence the lawyer is talking about. Except of course for the fact that the kid on the bike is a stupid hippie and critical mass is annoying.

Meanwhile, the cop who sodomized Abner Louima back in 1997 has asked President Bush to please commute his 30-year-sentence. 30 years is a long time, sure, but there is a funny rule about cops convicted of crimes serving longer sentences because of the abuse of the public trust, or something. But he's a good church-going kid who never meant no harm and only screwed up that one time.

(And the cops who sodomized the guy in the subway in October were all just indicted too! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! These successful prosecutions of the worst abuses will surely solve the systemic institutional problems of the NYPD. Hey, let's give all the rookies machine guns!)