This is stupid. Caroline Kennedy waited until public opinion turned completely against the idea to actively pursue Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

Kennedy worked the phones this morning, calling up Sheldon Silver and others to let them know that she's serious about wanting the seat. She hired a political consulting firm run by Chuck Schumer's old chief of staff. She's already called Governor Paterson. And now it will probably be whatever's left of the Kennedy Machine versus the scummy New York Democratic machine in a battle for Paterson's attention, and it could last for months, because Hillary won't vacate her seat until she's confirmed as Secretary of State (is she expecting a contentious confirmation battle? should we be concerned?).

Kennedy has spent most of her life doing charitable things and being wry and detached and hanging out in the Upper East Side, so she's perfect for a disillusioning partial term in the US Senate.

Of course now the pressure on Paterson is now extra intense, on account of Governor Blagojevich. One of Kennedy's prime qualifications for the job of course is that she is the only New York pol who endorsed Obama over Clinton, but if he picks her it'll look like influence-peddling by the incoming administration. Or it'll just look like yet another Kennedy enjoying the rewards of being a Kennedy.

What Paterson needs, of course, is a Hispanic woman Democrat from upstate with great name recognition, and that is why he will probably just give up and appoint THE LIZARD PEOPLE.

(Pictured: Caroline Kennedy got a pony! What a privileged life she's led, except for how everyone else in that photo is now dead.)