Che's "roadshow" engagement attracted capacity crowds in L.A. and New York over the weekend, with director Steven Soderbergh even making a special NYC appearance to take his audience's thoughtful questions and verbal abuse.

Quickly becoming the TMZ of the independent-film beat, indieWIRE had cameras on the scene for an altercation that we were surprised hadn't happened before Friday: In the middle of defending his aggressively objective 4.5-hour portrait of Che Guevara, Soderbergh first repelled a shouty viewer bellowing, "He was a murderer!" before a torrent of outraged barks and heckles flooded the orchestra pit around him at the Ziegfeld Theater. The video cuts off before the rumored advance of pitchforks, torches and refund requests to the front row, with Soderbergh negotiating his escape only after promising not to make Ocean's 14. Che would be proud.