For weeks, the Anna Wintour rumors coming out of Condé Nast concerned the Vogue queen's failures and purportedly impending departure. Now someone is spreading word about the Dear Editor's glorious success. Hmm.

Page Six cited "industry sources" reporting that Vogue will be Condé's most profitable title in 2008, elbowing aside contenders like Glamour. Implied message: Wintour is still the standard against whom all other editors are judged. Meta message: Wintour has her knife out, and will cut you.

Six was still able to find haters at Condé willing to whisper undermining quotes about Wintour — the same sorts of folks running around Waverly Inn and gossiping about Wintour's French Vogue replacement, or leaking retirement rumors to the Post — so it would seem she still has enemies trying to spread the message that she's toast. But now it looks like the Wintour camp is pushing back.

Maybe the reality-television-shunning editor has finally learned the surprising value of some well-publicized drama.