[Update: Now with video!] Hero president George W. Bush placed his own life at risk today by visiting an Iraqi office, where he came under heavy shoe fire:

President George W. Bush ducked a shoe thrown at him during a press conference in the Iraqi prime minister's office.
Bush wasn't hit by the shoe, which sailed over his head. The president shrugged and said "I'm OK" after the incident in Baghdad today.

The ungrateful Iraqi fanatic who fired the shoe was reportedly "wrestled to the ground and taken away." Professional American freedom-extractors based at Abu Ghraib are doubtless convincing him of the error of his ways even now.

"It doesn't bother me," Bush said. He said it showed free speech in a democracy.

That is literally the entire story.

Update: The AP identifies the shoe-thrower as "Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, an Iraqi-owned station based in Cairo, Egypt," while the New York Times reports that he shouted "This is a farewell kiss, dog," before security nabbed him.

And here is a picture of Muntadar in mid-toss. Still waiting for the video to surface.

And here's the video:

Meanwhile, over at the BBC, they've put together a video with multiple angles of the shoe attack.