Could Parry Gripp be the best thing that ever happened to YouTube? The man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer's theme song is turning Internet-video disaster into visual punk rock.

Everything that makes YouTube a time-wasting creative desert is just fodder for Gripp's brilliant mind. Take "Young Girl Talking About Herself," which remixes clips of well, exactly that, paired with lyrics of a frenetic energy that reminds me of They Might Be Giants or Weird Al Yankovic.

"If this catchy tune were made into a real 3 minute song I'd download it," one commenter writes in a YouTube comment. But that misunderstands Gripp's genius. If he were just copying Yankovic's schtick, he'd do classic three-minute rock songs about the Internet, designed for radio play; or he'd just carelessly slap a bunch of viral-video references into a song, like Weezer.

How backwards! Three minutes might be right for archaic formats like the LP, but it's wrong for the Web. Most of Gripp's video-mashup songs are one minute or less in length — exactly right for the YouTube attention span. The joke doesn't get played out. It's over before you know it, and leaves you hungry for more — click, click, click. But enough words. Behold the brilliance of Parry Gripp!

"Shopping Penguin"

"Dramatic Chipmunk Hey"

"Spaghetti Cat (I Weep for You)"

"Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)"

"Cat Flushing a Toilet Music Video"

"This Is My Ringtone"

"Robot Hamster"

"Puppy Time"

"Do You Like Waffles?"