You know what we need more of around here? Change. Though it's purely coincidental to our recent redesign, we got the go-ahead today from Facebook to flip the Facebook Connect switch.

This means that you can now use your Facebook account to log in to Gawker comments. If you choose that route into our comment-y fun, it means that as well as your witty, informative addition to our site appearing here, they will also show up in your Facebook feed that all your friends see. Why not give it a try on this very post? Fun, right?

Well, actually, we're expecting a not insignificant amount of grief. Gawker commenters are a pretty tight bunch. And there's going to be plenty of newcomers around. So, if you're joining from Facebook, let's remind you of the commenting guidelines: please stay witty, we ban morons. Abuse this new way into Gawker and we will ban you. And if we ban you through your Facebook account, that account is banned for good.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention: for Gawker commenters, the private messages should be back in your profiles. They're under their own heading in your Gawker profile.

Now, please keep it civil.

Update: For the curious, if you comment via Facebook Connect, this is how your comments will appear on Facebook: