You know what are always fun (well, mostly for us)? Commenter executions. Yeah, some of you nogoodniks have been running around with impunity for too long. So today eight of you are getting culled.

Executed: restoration_rake
The Offense: Missing the point.

Executed: Ben K.
The Offense: You don't know her life!

Executed: ElvisWorley
The Offense: Failing to see that something that probably isn't that offensive in real life can be offensive for the purpose of blogging about it.

Executed: Minsley Tortimer
The Offense: Too many conspiracy theories!

Executed: TroutSavant
The Offense: Also kinda missing the point.

Executed: American Dreamer
The Offense: Because you will not stay dead.

Executed: scarletmenace
The Offense: Wanting it both ways.

Executed: CodePink
The Offense: Being a teacher's pet.

Executions were decided by all Gawker editors and not just one person so don't yell at me just because I posted these. Also, if American Dreamer is any example, you will all be back on the site again in probably about an hour. So, you know, no hard feelings.