Meryl Streep and Amy Adams crashed The View today to court a bit of opening-day goodwill for their new film Doubt. Oscar support would be lovely, too, but, you know, only if you want to.

Speaking to fellow Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg about the icky mechanics of awards-season campaigns, Streep makes an impassioned plea for the good old days — that halcyon era of a generation ago, when Academy Awards were something that tottering old ladies arbitrarily bestowed on crap like Ordinary People, Dance With Wolves, Driving Miss Daisy and Streep's own Kramer vs. Kramer for no reason besides their own middling taste. Goldberg clearly agrees, proving her immunity to those tacky campaigns by overlooking "first-timer" Adams's 2005 nomination for Junebug. But we don't hold it against Whoopi; in fact, if there's room for us under her rock, we wouldn't mind moving in with her for a couple months. [The View]