Caroline Kennedy is not qualified to be a Senator, because she is a lady Kennedy. Well, that's the subtext of the new argument against her.

Honestly, Patrick Kennedy is still a congressman. What were Ted Kennedy qualifications when he was elected to the Senate? Oh, right, he was named Kennedy.

(Not that we think Caroline Kennedy is qualified for the seat, but when has any Kennedy ever been qualified for anything any Kennedy's ever done? Riddle us that! Also she is qualified because honestly a trained seal could be a Jr Senator for a term or two. Or an untrained seal!)

Anyways! The Kennedy pick fell out favor within days of it being floated, and Paterson will almost certainly not choose her. So that makes the posturing by New York Dems all the more transparent and irritating!

Anthony Weiner, who we hope runs for mayor and loses and then retires to Florida maybe, in 2009, and Gary Ackerman are both taking to the press to point out that Caroline Kennedy doesn't have any positions or policies or anything, just that name, and they call on Governor Paterson to appoint one of them, maybe. (Well, not in so many words.)

So Hillary Clinton doesn't want Caroline Kennedy in her Senate seat, it's proven! And Caroline Kennedy probably doesn't even want the job herself, because it is maybe more "work" than she is used to, though plenty of senators don't actually do any work, but then again they're not Kennedys and no one pays them any attention.