Forget the debate surrounding the viability of The Dark Knight and WALL-E. A far more enduring question that has shaken the Oscar cosmos for the better part of 50 years is close to resolution:

Will Jerry Lewis ever win an Academy Award? Would you believe yes? Sort of?

The Academy announced Wednesday it had chosen Lewis to receive next year's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, recognizing the 81-year-old's charitable, telethonic efforts over the decades, if not quite his expert comic prowess that has so divided filmgoers since his scorching 1949 debut How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border:

"Jerry is a legendary comedian who has not only brought laughter to millions around the world but has also helped thousands upon thousands by raising funds and awareness for those suffering from muscular dystrophy," Academy president Sid Ganis said.

And while we'll never know what could have been with his infamous, unreleased Holocaust dramedy The Day the Clown Cried, there should be no doubt that the statuette accompanying the Hersholt Award will validate even Lewis's gravest missteps. We join all of Hollywood in standing this morning in his honor!

OK, that's enough. Get back to work.