Barack Obama just tried to reintroduce us to Tom Daschle, his new Health and Human Services secretary, but the press just wants to talk about bad Governor Blagojevich. Question time!

"Like most of the people of Illinois, I was appalled and disgusted by what I heard in those transcripts." Barry did not get into politics to make money, but rather to "reclaim a tradition of public service." And also he wanted to be president! "Let me be absolutely clear: I do not think that the governor at this point can effectively serve the people of Illinois." He hopes Blago resigns, the legislature will hopefully take this up too. Obama had no contact with the govenror's office, "I did not speak with the governor about these issues," he is pretty sure! Hah! Obama's office is absolutely sure that they didn't do anything wrong.

Obama hasn't been contacted by any federal officials, and "we have not been interviewed by them." He points out that his office was "not perceived by the governor's office as being amenable" to all the crime.

HAH: "I won't quote back some of the things that were said about me, this is a family program, I know." There is your patented "single moment of levity" moment. Let's move one!

Obama attempts to defend his corrupt state: "There are extraordinary examples of public service coming out of Illinois, even after Abraham Lincoln." Like Paul Simon and Dick Durbin, and that's about it.

Last question. Is it about the puppy? No, it's about funding his health care program. WTF! A wasted opportunity. Boring! Now Barack Obama will explain how "costs" work.