Neckface is a famous street artist—not quite Banksy famous, but almost. And like Banksy, Neckface has always kept his face hidden, even though he's been profiled in the New Yorker and he has a shoe deal with VANS that includes billboards across NYC and is generally superfamous in the cool parts of the art world. Well now a fashion blogger has posted a picture of Neckface unmasked, at some party at Art Basel in Miami. Click through only if you want to see him, okay:

There he is on the left, allegedly. Doubters can compare to these semi-censored photos posted on ASUPREMENEWYORKTHING. Same haircut and everything. On a related note, Neckface is still awesome, so no "blah blah hipster shutup blah blah" comments. Unless they're really smart. [; top pic via]