This ROD BLAGOJEVICH scandal is just awesome for newspapers. I mean, who would have thought the Tribune company would ever have a starring role in another political scandal even as a reporting entity, much less as some sort of "powerful" media outlet that inspired fear and hatred in elected officials? The Chicago Trib editorial page was what you were worried about, ROD BLAGOJEVICH, really? Well that suits the Chicago Trib editorial page just fine!:

Mr. Dold, the editorial page editor, said he found reports of Mr. Blagojevich’s actions oddly reassuring.

“You run an editorial page and you always want to have impact,” he said. “So I guess this suggests that the page has had impact. I’m glad to see the governor’s reading the newspaper.”

For a few brief hours yesterday, Mr. Dold felt just like he was in some sort of movie, like he'd always daydreamed about secretly in quiet moments. Then he woke up and Tribune Co. said they've frozen all payments to freelancers at the LAT and everything was back to normal again.