Yesterday you guys resoundingly declared that the lady reluctant to marry her new beau in case her old one splits up with his main squeeze was Jennifer Aniston. I could see that being a sad reality. Today we have a TV actor who dates mens on the sly, a supermodel who's full of Botox, a love triangle, and a sad ruined (and foodless) marriage.

1) "Which TV actor secretly gets very friendly with the same sex, despite a slew of female exes?" [NYDN]

2) "Which supposedly super model isn't so super without her Botox injections and regular surgery which she's desperate to keep quiet?" [Mirror]

3) "What you have is a celebrity who is not really known for any roles but is definitely a performer. A list name recognition. Chasing her are an A list television actor who has gravitated always in the past to films where he is definitely B+. Also chasing her is a wealthy businessman from Europe. The actor who dropped out of the running is a B list film and television actor who just didn't have the coin to keep up with the other two. Flights, gifts, whatever it takes, both of these men are after this one woman" [CDaN]

4) "This celebrity wants everyone to know everything about how perfect her life is, and how you can be just like her. We know she is currently lying about two things. The first lie she tells is about food. She says that she grocery shops and spends time in the kitchen cooking every meal for herself and her family. So not true. A quote from a recent member of her household staff : “She wouldn’t know where anything was kept in the kitchen unless it fell off the shelf and hit her in the head.” The second lie she tells is about her marriage. It’s not happy. It’s over. Expect them to remain a pretend couple while the attorneys hammer out a divorce agreement. The offiical split will happen early next year." [BlindGossip]