A while ago, in an attempt to get Ryan Adams as my intern instead of him interning at Blackbook (nice catch, Mohney!), I received a one-line e-mail from somebody calling himself James Frey. "I'll come intern for a day," it read. He thought it would be interesting to intern for people who "hated" him (a strong word!) and was especially eager to do menial tasks. So Vogue gets celebrity intern Sean Avery, Blackbook gets Adams, and we get James Frey. He has written books such as A Million Little Pieces, Bright Shiny Morning, and once he went on Oprah and she yelled at him! He'll be helping me pack my things into boxes for my imminent departure and factchecking, among other things. He's out on a coffee run right now, but after the jump, let's play "Ask the Intern," in which you can ask James about what it's like to intern for Gawker. You can find James' answers over here.