As though ABC didn't have enough conflict-ridden shows on the air, now Fox News is alleging Grey's Anatomy-type shenanigans behind the scenes of its upcoming estrogencom, In the Motherhood. According to Roger Friedman, the show's problem star is Will & Grace star Megan Mullally, who's loudly voiced criticism about the show's quality and is feuding with costar Cheryl Hines:

Sources say that at a table reading the other day, Mullally pretty much had a meltdown. She didn’t like the script and didn’t mind saying so.

"She was circling other people’s lines and redistributing them to other characters," says a source close to the production.

More importantly, Mullally apparently already doesn’t like Hines, who’s so popular from HBO’s "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Mullally apparently announced at the reading: "There’s no talent here."

If that wasn’t enough, she told Hines: "Nobody watches HBO." Of course, Mullally just may have been employing her trademark sarcasm. If so, insiders didn’t quite get it.

No wonder T.R. Knight avoids those ABC table reads! We hope that Mullally was merely joking around; after all, at a time when striking is imminent and scripted television is dwindling down to a mere twenty-three seconds a week, you've got to milk those tired jokes about pregnancy and saggy boobs for every last residual check they're worth. Megan, put down the red pen, shut your eyes during the Jim Belushi guest spot, and just chant one simple word: "syndication."