Over at The Corner, Victor Davis Hanson is positive that now that Patrick Fitzgerald has arrested Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich and is looking at Tony Rezko, "Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is just about on the verge on losing his near mythic status among the Washington-New York media." The fact that this hasn't happened yet, and that there is no evidence that this will happen, and the fact that a large number of the "Washington-New York media" (as opposed to liberal bloggers) were outraged at Fitz for trying to get journalists to reveal their sources in the Plamegate case? None of that changes the fact that the elite liberal media will refuse to report on ths thing they're already going nuts over. (Attached: another classic example of the preemptive bias complaint, from your day editor's inbox. It arrived shortly after the second of today's predicted 500 Blago posts ran. Keep 'em coming, America!) [The Corner]