Yesterday you guys determined that the musical power couple on their way to divorce was either Gwen and Gavin or Mariah and Nick. You know, Gwen from Sales who sings at church, and Mariah Carmichael, that wedding singer. You know Mariah, she lives on Elm, near the park? Anyway, today we have a comedy actor who lies about charity work, an actress playing the field, a TV fellow about to be axed (old, but updated!), and another drug addict.

1) "This A list actor on a very hit network comedy show has been telling anyone who will listen about all the holiday giving he has been doing and how he has adopted several families in the LA area to give them a Christmas since they cannot afford one on their own. He talks about how he has been buying gifts and is going to be bringing the a holiday meal and it goes on and on and on. He isn't doing anything like that at all. He just likes that it makes him looks good. When his publicist found about the ruse, she decided to find an actual family and make good on at least some of the crap her client was spinning. When she approached the client about visiting the family she found, he declined saying he didn't have the time but autographed a couple of DVD's from his television show for them instead." [CDaN]

2) "A breakup with another celebrity in the past hasn’t turned off this actress to the possibility of marriage. Everyone thinks she is eager for her current beau to propose. Not true. While they make a photogenic couple and she does love him, she is holding back for two reasons. The first is that she is still cautious about marrying the current guy following a rocky period in their relationship. The second reason is that her ex and his current relationship are having problems, and she is hoping that they break up sooner rather than later, so she can swoop in and reclaim him." [BlindGossip]

3) "Which character on an popular television drama is going to be killed off? While the character is one of the key members of the cast, the actor or actress is acting so badly that they have caused friction within the cast and have exhausted the patience of the show’s head honcho. New Hint: It’s a male actor." [BlindGossip]

4) "Which gobby celeb has been battling an oh-so secret addiction to ketamine? She's tried getting help - but just can't seem to crack the habit." [Mirror]