When we overdose on celebrities and overindulge in gadgets, where's the vomitorium to hurl it up? Why, it's eBay, on whose shores the flotsam of every shipwrecked trend lands. Here's what was formerly hot in 2008:

  1. Nintendo Wii – 2,056,866 related items sold
  2. Xbox 360 – 1,297,903 related items sold
  3. Apple’s iPod Touch – 281,361 related items sold
  4. Hannah Montana – 223,139 related items sold
  5. Apple’s iPhone 3G – 212,837 related items sold
  6. Brett Favre – 199,832 related items sold
  7. Barack Obama – 111,546 related items sold
  8. High School Musical Cast – 109,813 related items sold
  9. Guitar Hero III – 98,159 related items sold
  10. Madonna – 96,511 related items sold

The list is not scientific; eBay's so-called pop-culture expert, Karen Bard, picked these items from the raw data, discarding prosaic categories in the interest of making eBay's discard racks look a bit more exciting. ("Bard’s picks were culled from items sold pertaining to pop culture phenomena in categories ranging from political scandals to blockbuster blowouts to tech toys.")

But think about why things land on eBay: They're mostly used goods or closeouts, the outcome of a purchase now regretted. That's why the iPod Touch, an intentionally crippled iPhone that does everything but make phone calls, outsells the iPhone 3G on eBay. Once people figured out what it was good for, they no longer wanted it. The same could be said for Madonna.

(Random celebrity image provided by eBay. Seriously, they included this in the press release.)